Behind The Scenes


Kathy McAree: Founder & Producer of Taste

Championing Taste is culinary tour operator, facilitator, writer, speaker and wine product consultant, Kathryn McAree. Kathy has blazed culinary trails around the world and is extremely proud to show off the culinary and vineyard riches in her own back yard. An enthusiastic culinary world traveler and board member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, her knowledge, skill and passion is evident in all of her eating and drinking pursuits!

Taste: Victoria’s Festival of Food and Wine is produced by Travel With Taste Tours Ltd.




Ladawne Shelstad

Making wine fun…and trying to change the world one glass of wine at a time…Ladawne is a creative marketing consultant and freelance event specialist for the wine industry. Taste is thrilled to have Ladawne on board for the opening event.